1. 01. Happy New Year from the world’s best destination!

  2. 02. Why not try our webinar?

    Why not try our webinar?

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  3. 03. The perfect set for your events? It’s Monaco! Check this out

    The perfect set for your events? It’s Monaco! Check this out


    It is always nice receiving positive feedbacks!

    Check these thank you messages that our clients sent us during this week:


    “It was really great to work with you. You did a great job, you understand me and my way of working. You understood how I want to help my client to achieve their objectives and their success.

    For me my basis of working is: Joining forces is a motive and the fundament for achieving clients and eachothers objectives!!!!! Success is only determined by total involvement and focus on results and the smile and well-being of the client and their guests. A bigbig Thank you!!!”


    “I would like to thank you for your organization of excursion for my group.

    Everything was perfect and I get a very good feedback from my tour leader and group.

    Thank you one more time. I hope we will work together in future.”


    It will be you next? 🙂

  5. 05. We wish you a Wonderful, Joyful and Successful New Year!

    We wish you a Wonderful, Joyful and Successful New Year to all of you!


    Warm Greetings from Monte Carlo!

    We are lucky and still enjoying a wonderful sun, yet the autumn is approaching quickly, together with many incredible offers from our best local partners. Thanks to WTT you will benefit of the best prices for guaranteed successful events.


    Here is one example:

    4* hotel in the French Riviera from 89€/room BB/night!

    (10 rooms min, according to availability)


    Why don’t you get in touch with us even for short terms enquiries?


    Not only the autumn/winter season though: for the entire 2015 the South of France is – thanks to the easy access from all Europe, to the quality of the services and properties, as well as to the superb value of the culinary experience – the perfect set for your events, without exceeding your budget.


    We are pleased to be your preferred partners in the South of France and we look forward to working soon on an event together with you!


    Warm Regards from WTT!

  7. 07. Welcome Travel Team @ Torchbearers 2014

    It is a pleasure to share with you, dear friends, some images of the recent Torchbearers, a networking event in Bermuda where Welcome Travel Team presented the advantages of holding MICE programs in Monte Carlo & the surrounding French Riviera. Lots of constructive one-to-one appointments and a full time program of activities, which helped creating great relationships with amazing clients!


    Why Monte Carlo is the most amazing incentive destination? Have a look at WTT’s newsletter and discover how to make yuor clients live a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

  9. 09. Provence, the land of the Lavander!

    The Provence is the land of the lavender! Here’s what the guests of one of our incentive programs could experience in person just last week at Senanque Abbey: fields and fields of lavender in a perfectly preserved Mediterranean valley, with an ancient church (dating XII Century) as a fascinating backdrop.

  10. 10. Not just a glamourous destination!

    Monte Carlo in not only a destination suitable for high-end programs, since an amazing environment – made up of the Alps dramatically connecting to the Mediterranean Sea – offers the opportunity to realize fun adventurous activities for everyone! As an example, Welcome Travel Team just handled in June an incentive program for a group of 120 persons during four days, with dynamic activities such as a 40-step long circuit in an Adventure Centre surrounded by an unexpected wild forest, with different activities such as zip lines, rock climbing, lianas and many more challenges, in different levels!

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