Welcome Travel Team and her sister company Publi Créations just managed a high-end event of the insurance industry in Monaco, with more than one thousand attendees. Many insurance companies sponsored extensive programs of exclusive social events throughout the Principality for each evening of the event. Welcome Travel Team’s experienced Project Manager Team managed 21 parties and dinners spread in 3 consecutive nights, with demanding participants used to attend the best events in the world.

    To mention one of the many exclusive events, almost 300 guests gathered at the fabulous Le Deck swimming pool terrace at the iconic Monte Carlo Beach, for a standing cocktail. This already amazing venue with breathtaking view over Monte Carlo and the Mediterranean, was empowered with a special décor of colored led lights covering the surfaces of the surrounding buildings and the projection of logo and lights on the swimming pool water. Special total white design white sofas and elegant pieces of furniture were added. The picture was completed by a saxophonist playing live music and full open bar drinks with the cocktail pieces prepared by the starred chef Paolo Sari, famous for his organic cuisine.

    Monte Carlo was once more filled up of elegant people having great time together!

    We are receiving now a wave of enthusiastic thank you letters, we look forward to receiving yours following our future event together!

    For more information, please contact Mario Damiani at or visit


    Monte Carlo is the land of the Belle Époque as much as of innovation! In fact a new team building concept has been implemented, with the use of tablets, technology and… creativity!

    Welcome Travel Team just organized an activity for a group of 360 persons during a corporate meeting. The team building was aimed at creating 4 different videos focused on the 4 key words and values of the client’s company.

    The guests were split into 20 groups of 18 players, each group guided by personalized touchpads and accompanied by an English-speaking staff coach.

    The participants showed their creativity and liveliness throughout the 3 hours of activity: they chose 4 different places as scenarios and realized 4 different sequences in a form of a video clip. During their journey our coach supervised each team, by providing them with local knowledge and – when needed – with buzz and energy.

    WTT created before the event a 100% digital game interface, which will allowed the teams to interact on a pre-set map of Monaco, with suggested path for each team.

    Each team organized the activity, defined the role of each participant and decided the places to reach to film their video clips. The interactive map allowed them to visualize the available places and to get any useful information. Once the places were chosen, the geo-localization suggested the fastest walkable route to get there.

    All the videos taken by the clients were collected at the end of the game and edited by our staff.

    The final video was broadcasted during the gala dinner that very evening: an unforgettable moment to create true links among colleagues and empower the company’s identity!

    For more information, please contact Mario Damiani at or visit


    Welcome Travel Team just managed an exclusive incentive program where guests enjoyed a private visit of the magnificent Prince’s Palace, where its apartments can be visited.

    The Princes Palace is the private residence of the ruling Prince of Monaco and the State Apartments are open for public visits only part of the year. The group had the exclusive opportunity to visit the Palace in a private visit, outside of the normal public opening. Instead of the normal audio guides (only way to normally visit the Palace), a number of private guides showed the way to the state apartments, passing through the Mirror Gallery, which is used for visiting royalty and heads of state. The surprising effect of the succeeding mirrors was created as an imitation of Versailles. The private tour lasted for a tour of approx. 40 minutes, with final group picture in the Throne Room!

    For more information, please contact Mario Damiani at

    Picture: Courtesy of Prince of Monaco Palace

  4. 04. Happy New Year from the world’s best destination!

  5. 05. Why not try our webinar?

    Why not try our webinar?

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  6. 06. The perfect set for your events? It’s Monaco! Check this out

    The perfect set for your events? It’s Monaco! Check this out


    It is always nice receiving positive feedbacks!

    Check these thank you messages that our clients sent us during this week:


    “It was really great to work with you. You did a great job, you understand me and my way of working. You understood how I want to help my client to achieve their objectives and their success.

    For me my basis of working is: Joining forces is a motive and the fundament for achieving clients and eachothers objectives!!!!! Success is only determined by total involvement and focus on results and the smile and well-being of the client and their guests. A bigbig Thank you!!!”


    “I would like to thank you for your organization of excursion for my group.

    Everything was perfect and I get a very good feedback from my tour leader and group.

    Thank you one more time. I hope we will work together in future.”


    It will be you next? 🙂

  8. 08. We wish you a Wonderful, Joyful and Successful New Year!

    We wish you a Wonderful, Joyful and Successful New Year to all of you!


    Warm Greetings from Monte Carlo!

    We are lucky and still enjoying a wonderful sun, yet the autumn is approaching quickly, together with many incredible offers from our best local partners. Thanks to WTT you will benefit of the best prices for guaranteed successful events.


    Here is one example:

    4* hotel in the French Riviera from 89€/room BB/night!

    (10 rooms min, according to availability)


    Why don’t you get in touch with us even for short terms enquiries?


    Not only the autumn/winter season though: for the entire 2015 the South of France is – thanks to the easy access from all Europe, to the quality of the services and properties, as well as to the superb value of the culinary experience – the perfect set for your events, without exceeding your budget.


    We are pleased to be your preferred partners in the South of France and we look forward to working soon on an event together with you!


    Warm Regards from WTT!

  10. 10. Welcome Travel Team @ Torchbearers 2014

    It is a pleasure to share with you, dear friends, some images of the recent Torchbearers, a networking event in Bermuda where Welcome Travel Team presented the advantages of holding MICE programs in Monte Carlo & the surrounding French Riviera. Lots of constructive one-to-one appointments and a full time program of activities, which helped creating great relationships with amazing clients!

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